We would like to invite you to join Cymru Stock!

What is Cymru Stock?
Cymru Stock is an ever expanding library of first class Stock Footage and photography focused purely on Wales and produced purely by Welsh based Creatives.

What isn’t Cymru Stock?
Cymru Stock is not just a stock footage site!

Because finding the right Welsh stock footage for any project is rarely as simple as visiting a Stock Footage site.

So what’s the problem? 
From our research we know that project creators from small tourism based businesses to advertising agencies, marketing departments or broadcasters who require very geographically subjective film/photographic content share our frustration.

Rarely could they find what they were looking for from existing stock footage sites and even though they knew the ‘right footage was out there!’ when they did  try to reach out directly to content producers across wales even this proved incredibly difficult and time consuming

How can Cymru Stock be part of the solution?

• By providing a National Platform for premier Welsh Film and photography creatives to sell their work.
By marketing and connecting Cymru Stock Content Creators directly to the widest customer base possible AND that customer base to them.
By actively encouraging project managers, marketing managers, production managers and anyone else who requires superb film or photography services to reach out to Cymru Stock content creators on an ‘on-call’ basis.
By embracing innovation and creativity to create new revenue streams for Content Creators
• By becoming the leading community hub for all things creatively Welsh!

What would be the next stage?
We would like to arrange a time to have a virtual meeting and/or if willing and able a ‘socially distanced’ meeting.

We can then take you through Cymru Stock and discuss with you not just how Cymru Stock can represent you as a Content Creator but how you can directly help shape the future of how Welsh film and photographic content is produced, shared and purchased not just in Wales but across the globe!

Call Charles on 07837 525 288 or email info@cymrustock.co.uk